About Us
Why AMP Studio?
Professional musician instructors.  All of our instructors play music or work in the music industry as their full-time profession.  They are knowledgeable about the skills needed to be a good, band-friendly musician and to be a great performer.  
Professional sound and lighting equipment.  We are not a garage band program.  Our students play on professional sound equipment and all of our rehearsals and performances are mixed by a sound engineer.  We rehearse on an awesome stage built into AMP Studio.  We have our own lighting rig to use at AMP and also at performances when needed.
Perform at area events and festivals.  Jamming at a rehearsal is great fun - but showing off your talents on a stage is incredible!  We play over a dozen gigs a year at all types of venues.  We transport all the sound equipment and instruments needed to play music on the road.  Our sound engineers are right there with us helping us look and sound like the professionals we want to be!
Recording Session. Once per year, musicians go into the studio and have a recording session.  The band spends about 6 hours laying down tracks of the songs they've been working on for the past several months.   This experience is truly eye-opening for our students.  It allows them to see this intricate, time-consuming process first hand.  Recording studio time costs anywhere from $60-$75 per hour.  For our students, it's included in the program costs. 
Professionally mixed CD.  After all session work is complete, students will receive a CD complete with case and artwork (usually created by one of the band members!).
No Additional Fees.  We do not charge additional fees for added rehearsals, recording studio time, or equipment rental fees.  
It's more than being in a band! Our 90 minute weekly rehearsal provides students with coaching on reading music, music theory, working as a team and building listening skills in order to be a better band member.